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What is Kiwanis?
Kiwanis offers opportunities for personal involvement in the leadership and improvement of the community, the nation, and world.  As a group, Kiwanians can achieve what individuals cannot do alone. These individuals belong to Kiwanis clubs located throughout the world.  They attend regular meetings for fellowship and inspiration.  They perform voluntary community service through committees, usually after hours.  Specifically, Kiwanis is a service organization.  It does not prescribe a way of life for others.  It often, however, acts as a forum for diverse ideas.

What does Kiwanis do?
Kiwanis clubs take on humanitarian and civic projects that public authorities are not prepared or able to perform.  A typical Kiwanis club plans hands-on projects focusing on the special needs of the community, such as helping the elderly, promoting literacy, or supporting youth sports. In addition to attending club meetings, Kiwanians volunteer about two hours a month for projects involving children or persons in need.

Who are Kiwanians?
Kiwanians are individuals who give a little of their time to make their communities and the world better places in which to live and work.  As members of a local club,members have the opportunity to:

- make business and professional contacts
- learn first-hand about local, national, and international issues
- improve and use leadership skills
- participate in the life of their community and world
- develop lifelong friendships

The Motto- "We Build"

Purpose- Service to Young Children, Youth, and the Elderly,and to Community, Nation, and the World.

The Name- "Kiwanis" stems from an Indian phrase which, roughly translated, means "to express one's self."

History- Kiwanis was founded in Detroit, Michigan, January 21, 1915.  It was extended into Canada in 1916.  In 1962 it expanded outside these two nations.

Facts- Today Kiwanis numbers one-third of a million members in nearly 9,000 clubs.  Though Kiwanis serves in countries around the world, the basic rpinciples are the same.  Kiwanis sponsors four organizations for young men and women: Key Club in high schools, Builders Club in junior high schools, Circle K in colleges, and Kiwajunior clubs for young adults in Europe.

What It Means to be a Kiwanian- Through Kiwanis membership, individuals can give of themselves, their talent, time, and love to those with human needs.  Kiwanians can work for a way of life in which they believe.  They can form longtime friendships based on mutual interest and the shared joy of doing good deeds for others.

How Does One Join?
Membership is by invitation.  This is YOUR invitation to join.  Do you know other individuals who, like yourself, would make a good Kiwanian? Our Contact information can be found 


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